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Now that The Haunt Review will be reviewing haunted attractions at a national level, our audience reach will be expansive! Combining our extensive database which includes every haunted attraction across the country with our honest and unbiased reviews posted to our YouTube Channel...Potential customers will be searching and looking for the best places to scream every haunting season with our site! Our audience will be 100% fully engaged! Offering various options for advertising including State Specific Leaderboards, Video Sponsorships and Sitewide Footer Banners, The Haunt Review will give you that extra bump in site traffic and new customers!

Unlike other "review" websites, The Haunt Review is honest, truthful, unbiased and free of industry politics. Our video reviews are available on all platforms including tablets, computers and smartphones providing a more inclusive and more accessible way for all of our viewers to watch our reviews via YouTube. Due to our honest and unbiased approach on our reviews, we have many repeat customers who use The Haunt Review as a template and guide for their haunting season in finding the best places to visit each year. The Haunt Review is free of fluff, politics and misleading rankings that we have all fell victim to on other national "review" websites out there. 

In addition to haunted attractions, we welcome vendors, escape rooms, related retail outlets and horror genre specific movies!


state specific leaderboards

more than just haunts!

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ADVERTISE by state

Our comprehensive review database is complete with important information including haunt logo, haunt site, fright rating and a brief informational snippet regarding your haunt. 

Advertise your haunt above all, down to specific states. Purchase one state, two states or more! These banners WILL NOT be on a rotating basis, therefore, it is one banner per state! Receive maximum results!


960 x 110 jpeg, png or gif


1 STATE = $400 | 2ND STATE = $200 | 3RD STATE = $100 | 4TH STATE - FREE
(four state maximum)

video sponsorships

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banner expands to full screen

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ADVERTISE with video

Every year we post video reviews of our experiences at haunted attractions from our annual tour! These videos are posted to our social media outlets as well as broadcasted to our newsletter recipients. 

You can promote your haunt, product or outlet with a banner that will be shown at the bottom of the screen during a specific point in the review. The banner will then expand into a full screen video that you can submit where Louis reads the promotional snippet you have included. 

In addition to the banner and or video, your ad will be complete with a link in the video's description. 

This is our Video Sponsorship!

video recommendations

We recommend to include as much visual material within the 30 seconds allowed. Be specific and get right to the point in promoting what you are offering. 

All videos MUST be accompanied with a voice over snippet submission that Louis will recite once the video plays. 

Original video sound will be lowered for sound purposes. 

Any racist, discriminating or political statements or images will NOT be used. 


1 VIDEO = $500 | 2ND VIDEO = $250 | 3RD VIDEO = $125
(three video maximum)

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sitewide footer banners


ADVERTISE sitewide

If you are looking to promote your haunt, product, venue or outlet on EVERY page here on FrightReview...Then this is the ad space for you!

From start to finish, every page our visitors see, your banner will be visible! Our site is designed so that our footer must be accessed for our social outlets and more. 

These banners WILL NOT be on a rotated format. One banner per slot. 


480 x 55 jpeg, png or gif


(only 2 ad slots available)

looking to advertise?


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